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I’ve been using Dry Glove for several rounds now.  It’s a game changer!  My hands are staying dry and so are my gloves.  It’s easily the best product of its kind on the market that I’ve tried.

Joey J.

Publisher- Southern Fairways Golf Magazine

All players who tried it have admitted it works.  After application, the glove and hands stay dry much longer than usual.  It doesn’t feel sticky, it’s odorless and dries in seconds.

Carlos G.

Miami Plays Golf Magazine

Eight hours, one round of golf, a mowed back yard, and my hands were still dry.  Amazing! 

Michael F.

Plugged In Golf Blog

Dry Glove is highly recommended for the golfer who plays in hot weather and wants to get the best grip possible, and I’m making it a part of my golf bag.

Nick C.

Mid-Atlantic Golf Getaways

I use Dry Glove when playing racquetball.  Before I used it, I changed gloves after every game.  Now I don’t change until after 4-5 games.  This stuff really works and I believe extends the life of my glove.              


Midland, TX

This stuff is simply awesome.  No more sweaty hands.  Thank you Dry Glove!      

Todd B

Atlanta, G

I have tried other brands before using Dry Glove when playing golf on hot humid days.  Dry Glove doesn’t feel chalky or gritty.  Plus, I get much better feel and my glove stays dryer longer.  Definitely recommended.


Scottsdale, AZ

Wow!  This lotion is really awesome!  My feet bottoms sweat when wearing shoes with no socks.  I tried Dry Glove on the bottom of my feet and now they don’t sweat and ruin my innersoles.  Love it!


Denver, CO

I used Dry Glove this summer when it was 95 and humid which is the norm here in Memphis.  My buddies went through 3 or 4 gloves with the wet ones hanging on the cart to dry while I used one glove for the entire round.  I love Dry Glove and I’m buying less gloves!

Steve K.

Memphis, TN

After applying Dry Glove to both my hands, I took out a new glove and wore it for 3 consecutive rounds in the Midwest heat and couldn’t believe how well it worked.  I only had a small sweat ring around the velcro and my right hand stayed dry too.  No more 2 or 3 gloves per round for me!  

Steve, B

Rockford, IL

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