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Frequently Asked Questions

How long does Dry Glove take to dry?

Dry Glove will usually dry in a few seconds by rubbing your hands together.

How do I apply Dry Glove?

Just put a small amount in the palm of your hand and rub rub your hands together until dry.

How long will Dry Glove keep my hands dry?

In independent testing we have found Dry Glove will keep your hands dry for up 4 hours and sometimes longer.

Does Dry Glove really help extend the life of my golf glove?

Yes! By keeping your hands dry, your glove will stay dry as well. We just received an email from a customer who played golf 3 days in a row in high humidity and temperatures in the high 80’s and used only ONE glove.

What other sports can I use Dry Glove?

Any sport whether it be inside or outside that requires a glove or dry hands in general.

Can Dry Glove be used on my feet?

Yes. Dry Glove can and has been used on feet with great results keeping peoples feet dry.

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